VIP Complete Pet Care - It's more than a profession, it's a passion!
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The main lobby.

Our cat area is adjacent to the main lobby, so they are far from the dogs and feel at home. 
Cat Boarding

We have 24 indoor kennels, all have their own doggy door to let them run freely inside and out. The inside unit is air conditioned or heated depending on the season.
Indoor Dog Kennel

The 5' x 5' indoor portion of your dog's area. If you have multiple dogs, we can put them 
next to each other so they feel more at home.
Also, they have their own personal doggy door that leads them outside...
Indoor Kennel

The outside portion of your dog's run. He has a 5' wide by 15' long space filled with 
pea gravel to run and play and do his business.

Outdoor Run

                                                                 Outdoor K9 Kennels

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